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Welcome to Bernie's Iraq

Camp Life: Page 2
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Michael and His Crew Taking a Break After
Moving Me In..What a Great Bunch of Guys

Johnnie Putting the Rock Down out Front

Johnnie actually lives and works on the opposite side of camp from me just so happens that he got the contract to do all the grounds maintenance and construction projects on my side.  We both work 12 hour days, 7 days a week, but with him on this side now, we get to have lunch together.
The Filipinos are contracted to do most of the labor and some of the skilled crafts.  Considering the little they have and are rewarded for their hard work, you'll never find a more diligent group of people.  A few of them have become very special to me, and I'll really miss them when I'm gone.

A Well Deserved Coffee Break
God, I Love This Guy!

The Finished Product
Stepping up in the World

A Popular Coffee Mug Around Here
I Wonder Why?