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Our Trip To Italy
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Me, Kristyn & Tino, Alison & Jeff, Lauren&Melissa
Florence: Michealangelo's 'David' in Background

Last October I met Kristyn, her husband Tino, Alison and her boyfriend Jeff, Lauren and her best friend Melissa in Rome.  We drove the Amalifi Coast (a spectacular drive), and enjoyed visiting Sienna and Positano.   Then went north to the Tuscan region where we rented a villa for 5 days.  From there we traveled to Florence, Pisa, and different places along the way, then spent the last few days in Rome.  It was a place full of beauty, history, culture, good food and wine; but most of all, it was great to see my family and enjoy some traveling together.

Kristyn, Tino and Jeff Cooking an Authentic
Italian Dinner at the Villa

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Most of the pictures I took on the trip were stills, but the ones of my kids (all of them!) were the best sites for me anyway.
The meal they cooked that night was incredible....and after eating in an army mess hall for four months believe me, I really enjoyed some home cooking.  The villa sat on a hill overlooking rolling hills of grapevines and olive trees.  It was such a peaceful place.  Because it was the fall when we were there, there were no grapes on the vines, but we did enjoy the fruit of the vine along the way!

Sunrise in Tuscany
The View From Our Kitchen Window

Nothing Like a Good Game of 'Texas Hold Em'
The Swedish Fish Didn't Make it Through The Whole Game

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