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Welcome to Bernie's Iraq

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At the moment, this is my clinic; half a trailer
They're building me a new one, twice the size..yea!

The "Treatment" Area of my present clinic
Put two people in here and you trip over each other.

There are four ways of contacting me.  Most of you have already in some way.  I love hearing from you individually.  I miss you and like knowing what's going on in your lives too.  Little things become important when you can't see or speak regularly to the ones you love and care about so...details details, I love the details....
Here are two email addresses, my regular mailing address and the clinic phone number.  It's a Houston landline so if you call your toll charges will be to Houston only.  I work 12 hours a day, seven days a week from 0700 to 1900. I'm eight hours ahead of you so that translates to 2300 to 1100 your time.  Call anytime....if I'm busy, I can always call you back.  Late afternoons seem to be the slowest time for me.
Feel free too when you write to ask questions or request certain pictures.  I have so many of the camps I've been too, the people I work with, and even some of the 'battle scars' on the buildings around here, I should have what you'd like to see; and if not, I'll go out and get it.  I'm going to update the site with new pictures every Sunday so hopefully I'll be able to cover most of what I have taken in some kind of chronological order..........well, maybe.
I'd enjoy your anecdotes too.....I know the sense of humor many of you have so let it rip.

          just click on one of these to respond by email.
reg. mail:  Bernadette McGuigan
              KBR/ Camp South Victory
              APO-AE   09342
clinic #:   1-281-669-1538 after you dial there's a pause, wait for the
              tone then dial ext. 106