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Welcome to Bernie's Iraq

Camp Life

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Some of the Camp Crew
Every Sunday Night We Have a Safety/Staff Meeting

My Partner, David Trying to Ride a Unicycle
That Looked Painful

Some of the Heavy Equipment Guys Filling
Hesco Bags with Dirt.

I was on the porch of the clinic one morning watching them trip over each other to get the job done.  It was kind of amusing.....they were working so hard but it was just too many cooks in the kitchen.
I finally found a home for the pink flamingos that Eric sent.  We had them in the rocks, but the view from the top of the hescos is much better.

My Partner David, and Sladjana (From Security)
We had a barb-b-que for David before he transferred.

Meet Melinda (on the left) and Angelina.  They're two of the Filipino women who do housekeeping.  Talk about hard working women.  Melinda is saving for a house and is helping her three daughters get an education.  They are so sweet and as tough as life is for them here and back home, they just keep smiling.  And you all thought I was short!

In My New Clinic with 'The Girls'
Melinda and Angelina from Housekeeping